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  • The Platform : Nagaland Vision 2030 Document
    Monday, 13 June 2016
       The approach of the State Government in the preparation of Nagaland Vision 2030 Document calling out to every citizens, stakeholders etc. shows the commitment and the sincere effort of the State Gover ... ...More
  • Launching of Nagaland Vision 2030 Web Portal, Facebook Page & Whatapp Group Account
    Monday, 6 June 2016
       The Nagaland Vision 2030 Document Web Portal, Facebook Page & Whatapp Group was launched by Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Coordination, Evaluation and Monitoring Cell and Taxes, Shri. N ... ...More
  • Petroleum Minister releases Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for North-East
    Monday, 30 May 2016
       The Minister of State (IC) for Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan today released the Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for north-east India, outlining steps to leverage the hydrocarbon sector for ... ...More


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Nagaland Vision Document : A Discussion Template

The Context

A Vision document is not a day dream or wish list. It is a statement of the existing realities and the possibilities for the future based on the strengths and opportunities while also taking into account the weakness and threats. It envisages an action Plan to achieve those possibilities.

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Keveko Koza  Oct 29 2016 4:45PM

Please include experts from the Academia as well as renowned and knowledgeable Social Activists within the Expert Group, as the present Expert Group Members composition is not inclusive and will not be able to reflect upon the realities of the development needs of the state and its Citizens. For the state to prosper, a synergy between the Government, Academia and Social Actors is imperative.
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Diethono Nakhro  Jul 9 2016 4:29PM

Have mailed a presentation. Hope it has been received
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Sashi  Jun 11 2016 11:47AM

When it comes to growth and development of our State, let us offer ourself first to the idea of change - every citizens needs to Introspect and Retrospect the past inorder to move to modernity.
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M Kithan  Jun 10 2016 11:04AM

To translate the vision into the reality of a New Age Nagaland, we must be clear about our economic goals and objectives. We must aim to nurture an eco-system: where the economy is primed for growth; and growth promotes all-round development in the society.
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M Kithan  Jun 10 2016 11:03AM

The State Government is aiming to move fast in designing policies, laws and also taking various developmental initiatives to promote growth. This is where the Government seeks unconditional support and co-operation of every individual across the State.
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Purlemba Pongen  Jun 10 2016 1:09AM

Before we even talk about vision 2030, why don't we first protect this website from hackers. Its so easy to bring the site down by denial of service. User registration without verification? why is it even allowed, a hacker can easily register a million users to this website within a few hours by writing a simple script. Anyway leaving aside the security loopholes of this website, this is a very good initiative. Technology is the future and Nagaland needs to be in the technology road map and for this it's time Nagaland starts making the right investment in grooming technology in the state which will also be a key factor for Vision 2030 I believe.
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Purlemba Pongen  Jun 14 2016 5:08PM

Thanks Admin for the reply. I completely understand the necessity for keeping the registration simple but I also do believe having a simple CAPTCHA plugin would be great to avoid robots. Also if there isn't any real need for maintaining detailed user information, can it not be an OTP based forum where user just need to enter their name, mobile number and the one time password. Am sure the site is under a great technical team but just pouring in my thoughts here. Its great to have tbis forum for us all. Thanks again for the platform.       reply REPLY

Admin  Jun 10 2016 12:30PM

Hi, we really appreciate your concern. We did not want to make the registration process a complicated to our viewers for participating in the forum. You may rest assured that the site is under constant monitoring by our technical team.       reply REPLY

ruokuosetuo tetso  Jun 7 2016 4:49PM

Nagaland Vision 2030 is a welcome initiative, its about time our state one,for decades since independance our our people have been aspiring to see our state emerge peaceful,strong, confident ready engage with the global economy. It is hope that this ambitious vision delivers, encompassing every aspects of development to the people.
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PURNIMA KAYINA  Jun 7 2016 11:12AM

I do hope when the term INCLUSION is use then, we should include management of Disability and Old age of our society in the plan. Can’t wait to get VISION NAGALAND 2030 start, not only in papers but in reality too !
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Chuba Longchar  Jun 2 2016 11:57PM

Its about time Nagaland should have one. Even better; its not just a forum for discussion but i am sure its action and result oriented. Cant miss this opportunity to Masterplan Nagaland 2030. "Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." -Paul J. Meyer
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Michael Patton  Jun 3 2016 12:54PM

A vision without people participation and subsequent action does not make any sense. Like the idea of providing a platform for citizen like us who can share their views for making a better Nagaland.       reply REPLY

M Kithan  Jun 2 2016 12:54PM

Lets get started; Vision for better Nagaland.
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